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If you don’t know how you and your spouse should divide your assets, we can tell you what a Court would do. You and your spouse can then decide what to do from there.

This online interview can also be used for people who want a “second opinion” or to check that the deal that you have agreed to is fair to you.

Property Advice

Parenting Advice


If you and your spouse cannot agree about who should look after the kids, or how often you or they should see them, we can advise you on what a Court would do or give you some strategies for negotiating.

This online interview will also provide you some examples of parenting plans which you can use to negotiate with the other party.

Parenting Advice

Property & Parenting Advice


If you want advice about both property settlement and parenting, bundle it up and save some $$. The same services, but save $99.

Advice on Both

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Do I need legal advice for divorce or separation in Australia?

Divorce and separation are fairly straightforward processes in Australia. However, if you and your ex have concerns, disagreements about your finances or children, you should get legal advice to ensure what you receive is just and equitable to you under law.

The process of getting a divorce also requires that the right documents are filed. Sometimes this can be overwhelming so getting a qualified legal specialist to run their eyes over what you are submitting can give you peace of mind and ensure you are not wasting time on administrative faults.

Where can I get cheap family law advice online?

Modern Divorce is an easy to use service that provides cheap, efficient advice online at your convenience. Our advice section tailors advice to you at a rate that is much cheaper than your average traditional firm.

What is Modern Divorce and why is it so cheap?

Modern Divorce is a website that allows you to get advice, information and file for a divorce without having to engage with a law firm. It is cheap because we take the procedure and cost out of having to meet with a firm and engage in the process of manually engaging a firm. A lawyer will still proof your documents and ensure everything is satisfied. This helps us reduce our cost and make it more affordable for you.

Can I use this service if I am based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth?

As the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) is a Commonwealth Law, the law on divorce, parenting and property settlement following a de facto relationship breakdown is the same across all jurisdictions in Australia, Modern Divorce is available for anyone in Australia to use. This means that you can use this service if you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart or Perth.

How does Modern Divorce work?

  1. You have separated and you need some help working out a settlement
  2. You complete our online questionnaire (above) seeking advice about your financial and parenting issues.
  3. We prepare an advice, tailored to you (not automated or computer generated) about the issues you need to resolve.
  4. You use the advice to negotiate a settlement with your spouse, either directly or via mediation or similar (we do not assist with this step).
  5. Once you have an agreement, you complete our online agreement tool telling us about the agreement.
  6. We prepare the settlement documents that you need to document your agreement/s in a enforceable way, and give you the requisite legal advice for them to be legally binding.
  7. The settlement documents are sealed and ratified by the Court where necessary.
  8. Your case is finished with minimum cost, stress and delay.
  9. You tell your friends how great Modern Divorce is.