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Settle by Sunday

Work with real experts over a weekend at a location at your choice.

Settle by Sunday is a process which will give you exclusive access to lawyers, child & family specialists, and accountants to help you and your ex negotiate a way to move forward. Our experts are all from top-tier firms that specialise in the work surrounding divorce or de facto separation.

The process and price is tailored (like everything else we do) to your individual needs and circumstances. Whether you’re looking to settle on a shoestring budget or want a deluxe weekend getaway, we have packages that suit your budget.

What is the process?

You can choose! We offer a variety of models that we can tailor to your needs and/or budget, including:

  1. Family dispute resolution;
  2. Self-represented mediation;
  3. Lawyer-assisted mediation; or
  4. Collaboration.

Send us a instant message for a free consultation about your options.

Where does it happen?

Settle by Sunday can happen:

  1. Over video conferencing;
  2. At our office in Canberra;
  3. At a nice hotel anywhere in Australia (or overseas, if you really prefer).

How much does it cost?

It costs between $2,000 – $20,000 per person to Settle by Sunday.

How much your package costs depends on whether you only have parenting issues, property issues or property and parenting issues. It also depends on the complexity of your asset pool and how much we think it will cost to draft your legal documents.

All the packages include catering, accommodation and professionals who are capable of drafting and finalising your documents on the spot.

Depending on what documents you are after, and what issues are outstanding, we are able to tailor an approach that will suit you.

Instant message us to find out more about this service and receive a free quote/consultation.


If you are or know a couple that has just separated (de facto or marriage) but cannot agree on how to settle their finances, parenting arrangements or both, please send them through to us.

Would you rather just talk?

Let us know how we can help. If you'd like us to call you back, leave a note saying when.